Meth Testing Course

Learn how to conduct methamphetamine contamination assessments in line with the Australian Voluntary Code of Practice. The Decon Systems meth testing course is designed for anyone wanting to set up their own meth contamination inspection and testing company or to add meth testing to their existing services.


This course will teach the theory and practical knowledge required to conduct NIOSH 9111 compliant meth contamination assessments, in line with the Australian Code of Conduct for meth testing.

5 CECs offered to IICRC members on completion.

The course includes:

  • an overview of methamphetamine and the issues caused by its use and manufacture
  • health and safety issues including a risk assessment of the site and personal protective equipment usage
  • information on the different sampling kits available in Australia
  • advice on where to take a sample and why
  • instructions on how to take a NIOSH 9111 compliant meth sample with two different sampling kits
  • interpretation of laboratory analysis reports
  • hands-on practice with instant result and laboratory sampling
  • instructions for post decontamination sampling
On completion you will receive an industry certificate allowing you to obtain the appropriate insurance, and unlimited support from the Decon Systems team.
* Lunches and snacks are provided by Decon Systems

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